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posted on April 24

Patterson Federated Church is joining forces with FUMC Modesto and FUMC Turlock to collect items to be used in activity packs for homeless children and youth. There is a total of 34 children we will be helping, between the ages of 1 month and 18 years old. The group contains six teenagers, twelve children, ten toddlers, and six babies. We are looking for donations of games, toys, stuffed animals, journals, and especially books.

This can be a great opportunity to get your own children involved in the spirit of giving; perhaps you can work together to go through your children’s toys and books and pick out any gently-used items they no longer want to donate to these children in need.

We also want to keep protecting ourselves and each other, so we have implemented social distancing measures as part of our collection process. On April 27th and 28th at 10 AM, the door to the kitchen in the Fellowship hall will be unlocked and there will be a cardboard box on the counter. Please leave your donations in the box. I will come and collect them after 12 PM.

If you have any further questions, please contact Alfred Parham.




Since our Palm Sunday Parade was so successful, we would like to try something like it again! First up, we are looking for pictures of your gardens. Help us spread the spirit of spring and renewal by sending us pictures of the lovely plants growing in your yard! We will share them on a Sunday in May.


Then, help us celebrate Mother’s Day by sending in pictures of your mothers! We will share them during the service on Mother’s Day, May 10th.

Please email your pictures to this address ( or to Pastor Eun-Joo.

Pictured above – last year’s Easter lilies happily growing in Polly Marble’s garden.



We are trying a new experiment – uploading the videos of our services to Youtube! We wanted a more permanent way to keep and share the recordings of our services, which are also uploaded to Facebook. Presently, our videos are unlisted. This means if you have a link to the video you can watch it, but they are hidden from searches. We are looking for your feedback about this idea! Here are links to some of our most recent services:


Palm Sunday Parade:

April 12th 2020 – Easter Sunday:

April 19th 2020 – Second Sunday of Easter:



Tuesday: Youth Ignite will have a meeting through Zoom at 7 PM. Please contact Ben if you could like a link!

Wednesday: The Journey Ministries! will have a meeting through Zoom at 7:30 PM.

Saturday: The Stated Meeting of Stockton and Sacramento Presbytery will be at 9 AM on Zoom.

Reminder: Methoterian articles are due today, April 28th! Please also send me any screenshots you might have taken of Zoom meetings you’ve led or attended.


We still need your gifts! We still depend on your regular and generous financial gifts and tithes as a spiritual practice. You can participate in the traditional way by mailing your gifts to the church at Patterson Federated Church, PO Box 1418, Patterson, CA 95363.

Pastor Eun-Joo
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